How to Prepare Yourself for the Interview

Posted on the March 29th, 2013 under Daily Dose by Maru Gujarat

Are you overwhelmed finding you have been called for your favorite job interview? Well, this is the time for getting all your acts together and polish out everything. For some it is a tough job to get fully prepared and sometimes wait for the last minute wondering how to prepare for the interview. However, in this short write up I would like to provide you some of the valuable tips that have been researched and may work wonder for you.

Following are the things you must be prepared about:

1)    Things to be prepared before interview

  • Firstly analyze and re-read the job requirement detail and description and specification as well as nature of job. Match up the skills and knowledge you possess and the position you are interviewing for.
  • Searching and collecting vital information about the company would surely work in favor of you. The better you can present your insights about the company, the more you can get your employer impressed.
  • Expect some of the questions that would possibly be asked and accordingly prepare all the answers highlighting all your accomplishments, knowledge and skills through certain practical examples.
  • Finding out the name as well as title of the interviewer followed by time and place is vitally important for you. And practice again and again.


2)    During the interview

  • You must arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than normal schedule of interview.
  • Choose out matching clothes and dress up professionally.
  • On meeting the person interviewing you, make sure to maintain your eye contact, give warm smile and shake your hands firmly.
  • Never forget to carry your portfolio such as (copies of your résumé, transcripts, references, etc.)…
  • Show your positivity and enthusiasm because these are the qualities that are often sought by employers when it comes to determining suitability of any candidate for the post applied.
  • Maintain confidence and time while answering the questions asked.
  • Never forget to thank the employer after concluding the interview and firmly shake your hands and say good bye while leaving.

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