How to Attempt the IBPS Bank Exam

Posted on the January 23rd, 2013 under News by Maru Gujarat

IBPS exam is not about the toughness it is mainly about the time management..If u can manage the time properly u can solve the whole exam. Now the question arises how to manage the time.? Yes, i am giving my personal experience how i had managed time and able to score 174 in po and 183 in clerk and also cleared malwa grameen bank clerk as well as Po in mere 2 months preparation ( I am writing this again not to earn praise from u guys..but making u believe that…. yes by preparing hard for few months u can crack the exam with good marks )

For Better Understnding Please Read the First Part : How To Prepare For IBPS

1. Firstly go for either the General awareness or computer section..whichever u feels can increase ur confidence level or which u r having a good hold… and try to complete both these section in maximum 30 minutes .. not more than this…. Because u don’t have to think in these two.. If u know the answer than u can do it otherwise not.. there is no need to think much on the questions…and side by side mark the circles in the OMR sheet….Don’t waste ur time by marking circles on the paper then the OMR sheet.

2. Then go for english section and do it in maximum 30 minutes…and if u have a weak english then take 35 minutes maximum…Don’t waste too much time in it is not the scoring section.

3. And in the stage 3 u r left with 90 minutes..and devote these 90 minutes to quantitative and reasoning section..whichever u feel is my strong..waise my personal choice is go for quantitative section as reasoning contains puzzles.. and it may puzzle ur mind and u can loose ur confidence( As it contains 5 questions if u would unable to solve that puzzle definitely this would have some effect on ur confidence level ) …and in both these sections don’t go by old method of marking the answers ( solve 1 question and mark it on the OMR sheet ).. First solve 10 questions … and Collectively mark the answers in the OMR sheet..This will definitely save ur time in attempting both the sections..

That’s all..That’s how i attempted the exam..By following this… i have 5 minutes spare after completing the whole exam of clerk

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